Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was questioned by reporters about revelations that Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman, the Hon. Sylvanus Petty’s daughter obtained a contract from the Corporation.  The information was revealed during Petty’s testimony in the corruption trial of former Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman and Member of Parliament for Long Island, the Hon. Adrian Gibson.

Davis responded to calls for Petty to resign or be removed from his post.  He said, “I don’t listen to, they’re the last person to pass any moral judgement on conduct and propriety, they’re the last to do that.  So they don’t have any moral authority to speak to those matters related to propriety.  I know what I have to do and we are looking at the matter.  We will not be dictated to by the FNM.  We’re gonna look at the circumstances and see what its all about and the right thing will be done.”

The trial of Adrian Gibson continues in the Supreme Court.