Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and other government officials toured Government House where extensive renovations are underway.

Davis said, “this is a historic building and we’d want to maintain and preserve that which is historic. Hopefully we’ll have this ready in time for our 50th anniversary celebrations cause it is planned to have several events in this place during next year. I’m hoping to have the first one here by the middle of February but we’ll see whether that can work or not, when we host the Caribbean heads of government in The Bahamas. Its been quite a journey to get where we are and I’m hearing about the light at the end of the tunnel that appears to be in March. I was hoping that it would be much sooner and if we can work to have this at latest end of January, it would be my pleasure to see that happen.”

The restoration project is being carried out by Telco Enterprises, the Ministry of Works and students from the University of The Bahamas.

The projects began in 2020 an is projected to cost approximately $16 million. Government House is the official residence of the Governor General of The Bahamas and was built in early 1800s.