Police Officers in Grand Bahama presented with medals and awards

Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Cornelius A. Smith presents Superintendent Terecita Pinder with a clasp for Long Service and Good Conduct, during the presentation of medals and awards to members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in Grand Bahama on Monday, April 4, 2022 at the Police Northeastern Division Headquarters.

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe, QC, reminded police officers in Grand Bahama that as they do their part in protecting the communities of Grand Bahama, the Bahamas Government will move to ensure they are given all the tools that are necessary for them to battle the criminal element.

“The Force is, and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be a pillar of Bahamian society, with much being expected from the organization and its officers at every rank,” added Minister Munroe. “Thank you for your sacrifice to our nation.”

The National Security Minister was in Grand Bahama on Monday, April 4, 2022 for the annual Medals and Awards Ceremony, which culminated Police Month. The event was held at the Northeastern Division in Freeport. Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Cornelius A. Smith presented officers with their medals and awards. Also on hand for the special ceremony were Deputy Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander and Assistant Commissioner of Police Theophilus Cunningham. During his address, Minister Munroe pointed out that the Royal Bahamas Police Force is charged with the monumental task of ensuring the safety of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas through the maintenance of law and order, prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of all laws.

In short, he said the Force is charged with ensuring that the Bahamas is a safeplace where families can live, work and play without the fear of becoming victims of crime.

“Things necessary for the proper functioning of a police force are: well selected and properly trained personnel, adequate equipment and a soundly organized structure of administrative command and supervision,” said Minister Munroe. “If these are present, the organization has most of the essentials for success. For best results, however, the morale of the men and women must also be kept on a high level.

“All personnel should be eager and willing to do a good job. Officers, you have certainly been doing your part, and today your efforts, bravery, going above and beyond and sustained loyalty to the Force is today being recognized and honored.

“Your individual contributions to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the wider Bahamian society have been immeasurable. Your heritage is one that is rich with courage, integrity and loyalty on the backdrop of discipline.”

The National Security Minister added that the heritage of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is one that has evolved ahead of its counterparts based on technology, skill set and education. One that has shattered glass ceilings over the years and embraced the hands of time. One which officers have protected and transformed from their forefathers since 1840.

The Force today, he noted, has 182 years of rich law enforcement tradition. A tradition that is marked by the organization’s ability to adapt, evolve and overcome challenges of all kinds to better serve the public.

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you for your service to The Bahamas,” said Minister Munroe. “You have put in the work in an effort to create safer communities. You have remained focused on your objectives; when detractors went low, you remained high.

“You have performed above and beyond the call of duty, while lifting the image of the Force culminating to this point where you are being recognized today for your invaluable contributions. I commend you for you professionalism and dedication to protect and defend the security of all Bahamians without fail. Your profession as a police is a huge undertaking that carries a lot of responsibility. You are set aside from regular civilians.”

The Minister cited Section 104 of the Police Act in respect of the Force, which denotes the Award of Medals, namely: the Medal for Gallantry, the Medal for Meritorious Service and the Medal for Long Service and Good conduct. With reference to the Reserves, a Medal for Faithful Service.

He encouraged officers who were not recipients of medals and awards on Monday, to continue to strive for professionalism and high ideals. “Your contribution to the greater whole matters,” said Minister Munroe. “Though unfortunate, realistically the actual number of medals etc. is finite, but rest assured your hard work and diligence is noted and you will get your just due in due course. I appreciate each and every sacrifice you men and women continue to make.

“Do your part and I will continue to do mine. My government is dedicated to empowering the RBPF, whilst showing support and appreciation to its members.”

By: Andrew Coakley/Bahamas Information Services

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