Yolanda Bullard of the Adolescent Health Center is raising the alarm on the rise in cyber bullying in the country.

“Cyber bullying really took off because a lot of felt safe behind the screens but when they got back to school or they go back out in public we had an increase in violence. And so for cyber bullying you need to teach your children proper manners and respect and let them know that the same thing you do face to face you would do if you’re on the internet. You want to have good manners and if you come across something that is disturbing to you bring it to an adult attention. You should not partake in it. If you know someone is being bullied let somebody know, seek help for that person. Parents need to have an active roll that’s the only way you’re gonna know, most children won’t tell their parents because they feel as if its something in them that causing them to be bullied.”

Bullard says that parents must be more vigilant as their child can be the victim or the perpetrator in such instances.