Officer In Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson appeared at a press conference this week at police headquarters where he gave an update on a road traffic fraud scheme that is currently under investigation.

Johnson said, “we executed a search warrant their residence where we recovered a number of fraudulent license disc, equipment that we believe was used to produce these items and so, again, because of the great work that the officers are doing out there in our Secure City Operation and Cease Fire and all the other operations that are out there on the street we were able to bring this matter to so conclusion.  Again, it’s an ongoing investigation.  There are a number of persons that we still have to see in relation to this investigation.”

The Chief Superintendent warned “if you do not go about the legal process of obtaining a driver’s license or having your car licensed you could find yourself before the court being arrested and charged for possessing these documents.”

It was revealed this week that arrests have been made in this ongoing investigation.