General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas Clint Watson appeared on The Bahamas Tonight newscast on Wednesday to speak about the relaunch and rebranding of ZNS.  The launch includes new local programming that will come on stream in October 2023.

Watson said, “we’ve been working for the past few months on rebranding and relaunching ZNS, giving people more of what they’ve been asking for to see.  And so tomorrow night we give a sneak peak in a relaunch and rebrand to government officials, to our sponsors, our main advertisers.  They’ll get to see what the new ZNS will look like.  We’re branding, we’re bringing out eighteen new shows, can you imagine, eighteen new shows.  Eleven of them are news and current affairs programming and seven of them are local entertainment programs.  We’re excited that all of these shows are being produced right here at the Broadcasting Corporation by producers, technical people, on air talent.  We’ve been adding to the team new on air people, new technical people and they’ve been working extremely hard and we’re excited to release to the public the new ZNS and news lineup and programming.  And of course, our product, this product, the Bahamas Tonight will be totally revamped and tomorrow night they’ll get to see what the new Bahamas Tonight will look like.”

Watson expects the new programming and relaunch to pull in new advertisers.  “It’s like going to the food store to purchase food and there’s nothing on the self.  We’re putting new product on the self so advertisers have a wide variety to choose from.  There’s more spend opportunity, they’ll get better value for their buck because they’ll have new local programs that are on consistently.  ZNS will be on the air live TV everyday from four in the afternoon until  9 o’ clock at night with live newscast at 11 o’ clock and off course a new late night show at 11:30.  So there’s going to be more product that people can buy into, advertiser will be able to get more space for their products.  And so we’re excited about that and its what they have been asking for and we’re finally able to fully deliver on that.”

The BCB’s relaunch event is set for Thursday September 21st at the Margaritaville Resort.