Pastor Darrin Rolle tells his story of losing his wife and having to raise his children as a single father.

Rolle tells ZNS News, “it was challenging raising a young lady who was going into grade seven. A young man who was going into grade five. Because of the grace of God and the assistance of so many person’s in the community reminding me that as work in this village that it take a village to raise a child. My children are rebounded, every week we did things together. I tried to help them fill holes where there was gaps as a result of their mum bring passed.”

Rolle is also President of the Falcon Boys Club. He says, “a young boy who doesn’t have a father, a person like myself of someone else can play the role of being able to, whether its just for that day or a spring board opportunity comes for periodically to be able to work with homes like the Grand Bahama Children’s Home or to work with social service in the life of a young man who may have some challenges or where a father is not playing his role or a father feel like there is a challenge and he’s looking for outside help.”

Rolle remarried and he and his wife Jasmine have three children. He currently serves as Pastor at the Calvary Bible Church in Grand Bahama.