Seven Ambassadors Commissioned to serve in the Diplomatic Corps

Pictured seated from left: Mrs. Ann Marie Davis, Prime Minister Philip Davis, Deputy to the Governor General Cynthia Pratt, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service Fred Mitchell. Standing from left are new ambassadors: Dr. Dexter Johnson, Chris Brown, Rick Fox, Taran Spencer Mackey, Sebastian Bastian, Joseph Curry, and William Wong. (BIS Photos/Anthon Thompson)

The Hon. Cynthia A. Pratt, Dep. to the Governor General, administered the Commission and Oath of Office for the latest cohort of Bahamian ambassadors to serve in the diplomatic corps of The Bahamas.

Instruments of Appointment were issued to seven men during a Commissioning ceremony at Baha Mar, Wednesday, August 3, 2022. They are: Rick Fox, Ambassador-At-Large for Sports; Chris ‘Fireman’ Brown, Ambassador-At-Large for Sports; Joseph Curry, The Holy See; Sebastian Bastian, Central America; William Wong, Kingdom of Morocco; Dr. Dexter Johnson, Republic of Brazil; and Taran Spencer Mackey, Kuwait.

The event was witnessed by Cabinet ministers, clergy, members of the Diplomatic Corps, heads of government departments, members of parliament, distinguished guests and family. Former Prime Minister Perry Christie was also in attendance. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Band provided entertainment. The Hon. Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, welcomed the ambassadors and informed that they have been specifically chosen to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work, share their skills, connections and energy to build project Bahamas. He said if the money is too small and the hours too long this is not the place to be.

In remarks, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Philip Davis, said the ambassadors have “key” roles to play in ensuring that the nation’s voices are heard, and interests promoted. He expressed pride that the cadre of ambassadors is drawn from the “best amongst us” and confidence that they will undertake their duties faithfully and well, and serve the country with distinction.

Of the appointments the Prime Minister said:
Ambassador Curry: “Will be a bridge between our nation and the Vatican.” His Excellency Bastian: “Is the kind of entrepreneur known as a disruptor – he didn’t just build successful new companies, he changed gaming, media and e- commerce along the way. I have confidence in his ability to advance our country’s interests and deepen our relationship with Central America.”

Ambassador Wong: “Has been a leader and a trailblazer, serving two terms as president of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, and two terms as the president of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. I know he will do much to advance our country’s diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of Morocco.”

Ambassador Johnson: “Mr. Johnson’s appointment to The Federative Republic of Brazil is evidence of our administration’s continued commitment to our friendship with South America.”

Ambassador Spencer Mackey: “is a Director at the Bank of The Bahamas, specializing in trust and estate planning, with oversight and administration of over two billion dollars. This young Bahamian is also a Director of the Bahamas Financial Services Board and Co-Chairman of their Immigration Sub-Committee. I am confident our country will benefit from his talent and expertise as he represents our interest in Kuwait.”

Rick Fox and Christopher Brown: “[They] are both men with a long history of success carrying our country’s flag abroad — Rick Fox as an actor and a former NBA player, and Chris ‘Fireman’ Brown as an Olympian track and field star. No matter how far they traveled from home, they remained devoted to The Bahamas. As Ambassadors-at-Large, they will have new opportunities to represent us and make us proud.”
The new ambassadors followed with brief responses.

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