Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Water and Sewerage continues restoration in Abaco

The Bahamas Water and Sewerage corporation continuing with its mission to restore consistent water supply to residents in areas like Abaco, left with staggered...

Water & Sewerage signs Cat Island water supply contract

Executive Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Adrian Gibson, participated in the Cat Island Water Supply Contract Signing in Cat Island today, December...

Long Islanders Forewarned

Area MP Adrian Gibson said it has come to his attention that now that the island has been opened for widescale commercial activity a “few” of his constituents are making plans for happy hours at bars, dinner reservations and parties.

Reverse Osmosis Facility Starts Producing Potable Water for North Eleuthera

The Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) commenced production of water at its newest reverse osmosis facility, today, May 11, 2020 in North Eleuthera. Executive Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation Adrian Gibson stated, "the corporation's thrust remains the provisioning of safe and affordable water for Bahamians throughout the archipelago.