Water and Sewerage continues restoration in Abaco


The Bahamas Water and Sewerage corporation continuing with its mission to restore consistent water supply to residents in areas like Abaco, left with staggered water supply since September 2019 following Hurricane Dorian, and it’s devastating wake.

As restoration continued throughout the mainland and cays, WSC is using the lesson learnt from that storm to improve and enhance its infrastructure, by way of a modernized solar power center.

While international NGO Water Mission, has assisted with the installation of those units, WSC executive Chairman Adrian Gibson confirms SJK construction as the newest member of its recovery team to assist in completing the marsh harbor pumping station and other structures at the marsh harbor water field.

The contract comes at a price tag of $304,115.23.

“There are several schedules in this scope of work. Schedule A is to construct a pumping station, schedule B is to purpose storage building construction, schedule C is for the construction of the battery and inverter house that is connected to our newly established solar field, and scheduled D for the electrical and generator house construction” Gibson said.

President of SJK Engineering and Construction Ltd, Stephan Knowles says its full steam ahead to complete the work on time and safely.

“My company was contracted by the Water and Sewerage Corporation to complete the buildings that you see behind here.

“These buildings are going to be used to house equipment and also for an office space for the staff at WSC.

“We have a very strict deadline, we have to have this done by March 31, so I got my guys sort out this morning we just got started today and we are going to push if we gotta work every day; Saturday, Sunday, night and day, it’s going to get done” Knowles said.