Saturday, April 10, 2021
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COVID-19 measures taken by the Government of Canada

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further to its release of 30 January, wishes to update the general public regarding the ongoing efforts by the...

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Vaccines are becoming more accessible on the global scene, as labs continue to prepare millions of doses to fight the Covid -19 pandemic. A mass...

Breezes Reopens to Low Numbers

Superclub Breezes one of the few hotel properties reopening its doors yesterday after months of no occupancy due to the global health crisis.

COVID Restrictions Further Relaxed

A further relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions pushes the curfew back by another hour. As of today, the 9:00pm will instead begin at 10:00pm ending at 5:00am. “It is only one hour but it is necessary because as certain sectors of society opens, this additional time is needed,” Prime Minister the Most Honourable Dr. Hubert Minnis explained.

BPL Customers Embrace Technology

Bahamas Power and Light customers are embracing technology as nearly 27,000 of them have paid their bills online in the face of social distancing norms. The energy giant adopted a paperless system back in April to encourage its customers to receive their bills electronically.