The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) held a rally in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama over the weekend as the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election draws near. The Party’s candidate and leaders addressed a crowd of supporters on Saturday across the street from the Obadiah Wilchcombe Complex.

PLP Candidate, Kingsley Smith said, “let’s talk about what this three year deal means to you. New jobs creation, Defence Force base in West End, brand new West End Police Station, brand new school, new airport for Bimini, new resort in Bootle Bay, brand new docks for fishermen, brand new fish house in West End, the West End fishing village project, West Grand Bahama affordable housing project, free WIFI in all parks from West Grand Bahama to Bimini. In three days, you can choose to believe in this three year deal. This is no scam. This is the real deal.”

Deputy Leader of the PLP and Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper also addressed the rally. He said, “we have three more years and the PLP will look out for you. We’re gonna build your new hospital in Grand Bahama. We’re gonna build your new airport. We’re gonna get new investments. We’re gonna bring new vision. We’re gonna work, we’re gonna fight just like Obie wanted us to do. We’re gonna open the school just like we opened the administration office. We’re gonna bring more quality jobs. We’re gonna bring more opportunities. The Bahamas Development Bank gat $30 million of new money so we’re gonna get more people in business. And we’re gonna work with the SBDC. We’re gonna work with the TDC to bring opportunities to West Grand Bahama and Bimini.”

The keynote address was delivered by Prime Minister and Party Leader, the Hon. Philip Davis. Flanked by other members of the party’s parliamentary caucus Davis said, “it is painful to see where we are, in fact, in this matter. And you have our word, you have our commitment, you have my commitment to see that through and we have the three years to complete it. And only one candidate respects you enough to make this commitment. If he can’t deliver these urgent home repairs and a rebuilt police station and a free breakfast for more of our children and get all those things done in West End with the marina and all that, he’s not gonna come back in three years to ask you for your support again. Because he will get it done. This government will back him to ensure its done.”

The West Grand Bahama and Bimini by election will be held on Wednesday November 22nd.