Former Bahamas resident Peter Nygard was found guilty of four counts of sexual assault in court in Toronto, Canada.

Prime Minister, the Hon.  Philip Davis was asked for a response to the verdict outside of the House Of Assembly where he was viewing the remains of the late Rt. Hon. Dr. Michael Perry Gomez.

Davis responded to claims that Peter Nygard was endorsed by the Progressive Liberal Party.  He told reporters, “I don’t understand what you mean by his close relationship with the former PLP government.  There’s this perception that he was close, he was close to both parties.  In fact his presence in The Bahamas was supported by the FNM and you can speak to the FNM about that.  He came to The Bahamas and he had friends on all sides of the divide as far as I’m aware.  So to continue to paint the picture that he is friendly with the PLP government and not friendly with the FNM government is bullocks.”

The Prime Minister also reacted to the guilty verdict saying, “I believe in the rule of law.  He went through a trial and he was convicted and any exploitation of young girls or women is dastardly to me and abhorrent.  I have daughters, I have a wife, I have a mother and I understand these issues.  And so for me let justice prevail and let justice be done.”

Nygard is currently awaiting sentencing in prison.