Acting PM On Cabbage Beach Access


Vendors on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island are still voicing their concerns about access to the beach. Access to the beach has been an issue for many years prompting protests in the past.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper commented on the issue while attending a contract signing at the Water and Sewerage Corporation last week. He said, “we continue to work with the police and the owners in the vicinity to see how we could cause there to be a content opening of that gate. There’ve been some concerns there and we’re working along with the Tourism Promotion Board and of course the property owners to acquire some equipment, ATVs etc. to give the police a little bit more mobility to ensure that there is control in the area from any type of nefarious activities.”

Cooper went further saying, “we are continuing to improve vendor opportunities. We are continuing to support the police and vendor associations to see how best we can ensure that everyone is getting a piece of the economic pie. As you well know tourism in booming and there is enough to go around and we want to ensure that people are receiving their share in an orderly way.”