BBSQ Inspectors Show the Importance of Metrology in Healthcare

Pictured examining the weight scale, l-r: Clinic Administrator, Ms. Nichole Julien and Metrology assistants, Deron Strachan and Christopher Adderley. In group photo, l-r: Nurse in Charge, Lisa Adderley; BBSQ Inspectors, Vanessa Sawyer, Deron Strachan, Makiah Swaby, Robert Thompson and Christopher Adderley; and Clinic Administrator, Nichole Julien. (BIS Photos/Ulric Woodside)

Inspectors of the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) conducted tests on a weight scale at Elizabeth Estates Clinic, May 17, 2021 to test accuracy and integrity.  The test was part of a community outreach initiative by BBSQ to create awareness of the importance of metrology (scientific study of measurement) in the healthcare industry. Inspectors set a series of weights on the digital scale to ensure the integrity of the scales, which are used to weigh individuals who come to the clinic for medical attention. As an important tool in assessing a patient’s BMI (body mass index), scales assist medical professionals in correctly determining health status and medicine dosages that may be required in proper medical treatment. The BBSQ will celebrate ‘World Metrology Day’ on Thursday, May 20, under the theme, “Measurement for Health.”