BPL Andros Fire Overview


The Minister of Works and Utilities addressed Parliament on the North Andros power plant fire and efforts to restore electricity on Wednesday.

The Hon. Alfred Sears told Parliamentarians, “power was partially restored with the 1.2 megawatt unit was made available after 7pm on Monday evening. On Sunday, BPL also received a fuel supply. It was discovered that this fuel supply from a supplier was contaminated, containing water, causing the 1.2 megawatt unit to shutdown just after midnight on Tuesday. The one megawatt unit that was not fueled from this source and the 1.6 megawatt unit was not started. This resulted in outages for all areas of North Andros except Nicholls Town and Conch Sound.”

The Minister said that Bahamas Power and Light estimates that the power restoration exercise in North Andros current stands at approximately $600,000. “This amount is inclusive of generation purchase, auxiliary parts as well as shipment costs. But the final amount will de determined in due course,” Sears said.

The North Andros power plant was destroyed by fire on July 5th.