BPL Concerns Raised In HOA


Former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Killarney, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis raised concerns about Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) in the House of Assembly this week.

Minnis spoke of the efforts of his administration concerning power generation. He said, “of those seven generators that are producing the hundred and thirty two, two are no longer functioning. And you know why because the new team, you see, governments are supposed to be continuous, they moved who were there and brought in others. The maintenance program was not maintained and therefore the engines subsequently break down. Because there were contractual agreement with the manufacturers of the engines there would have never been a problem with accessing parts if they were needed. But today there will be problems with parts. All I say prepare for the heat.”

Responding to the former Prime Minister’s comments was the Minister of National Security and the Member of Parliament for Freetown, the Hon. Wayne Munroe. He also spoke to the efforts of the Minnis administration regarding BPL. He said, “BPL is finding itself having to train twenty five plus new linesmen cause they paid linemen to go home and forty craft and technical apprentices because they sent them home. They must really forget, Madam Speaker, that when they bought seven Wartsila engines, the seven could never be started at the same time because of vibration. They people know this, they talk it, the people in the belly of the beast do.”

BPL has recently had issues meeting demand on the island of New Providence with loadshedding occurring. The North Andros power plant was destroyed by fire and the Member of Parliament for South and Central Abaco also lamented the frequent blackouts on that island in the House of Assembly.