BREEF responds to oil drilling

Endangered Staghorn Coral grown at the BREEF Coral Nursery out-planted to the reef and already providing habitat for fish.

The Bahamas Petroleum Company’s failed attempt to find commercial quantities of oil, welcomed news for local environmentalists.

After all, environmental groups have staunchly opposed the move, with water keepers Bahamas and the coalition to protect Clifton even taking legal action to stop the drilling exercises.

The announcement from BPC also comes as countries globally are turning away from fossil fuels, instead moving towards renewable sources of energy.

Executive Director of the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF), Casuarina McKinney Lambert says directing efforts towards environmentally-friendly alternatives are the way to go.

“Now certainly is the moment to look at our country and really think about the way forward.

“Our future is in innovation and renewable energy and green jobs and there’s great opportunity there” she said.