Social Services revises applications for those seeking rental assistance


As the economic fallout from the covid-19 pandemic continues, officials in the ministry of social services say they will respond to all those seeking rental assistance.

And as many people are struggling to meet their rental obligations in the face of layoffs, furloughs or reduced work weeks, Social Services Minister, Frankie Campbell says they’re reviewing all applications in this regard.

“We assess at the end of each period of exploration; and so rental assistance is the same way I wouldn’t want to put a definitive fan-out.

“The government of the Bahamas has a responsibility to the people of the Bahamas to assist where there is genuine need and as long as we are satisfied that there is a need, and the resources are available; we will assist our people” he said.

According to the minister, training’s also taking place on the social services digital platform.

“It is in the final stages and we should be making an announcement of its official launch.

“Training has already begun with some of our staff and I’m very excited that it has the potential to practically eliminate the crowds that we’ve seen at our various centers” Minister Campbell said.