BTC Goes Digital to Improve Customer Care


As BTC continues to expand its fiber customer base, the company is excited to announce the modernization of its sales and customer care
areas with the introduction of its workforce management tool (WFM) designed to improve the overall installation process. Director of Technology Operations, Drexel Woods said, “Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do, and we’ve taken the feedback that the timeline between the order to install process needed improvement. Additionally, we noted that due to the overwhelming number of customers signing up for services, it would be prudent to invest in a seamless tool that would touch all our points from sales, service delivery, installation, and after care. By introducing this tool, we are transforming the way we interact with our customers.”

The fully automated workforce management tool provides improved efficiency, and an overall enhanced customer experience. Here’s how it works. Sales are entered into the tool while the sales agents are in the field or in the retail store, then standard compliance work is completed, and the customer will receive notification through an email, WhatsApp or an SMS confirming the transaction. The customer will then receive a link to schedule their preferred appointment time for installation.

On the day of the installation, the customer will receive a link with the name of their technician, and they will be able to track how far the technician is from their home. Once the technician arrives, the customer will receive a “ping” indicating that the technician is outside. At the end of the installation process, customers are asked to rate the service and their technician, providing greater transparency and accountability.

Woods continued, “We’ve made significant investments in our technology, people, and processes to transform our business. This is certainly the beginning of a new era as we focus on delivering improved efficiency to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. We’ve streamlined our workflows, and the workforce management tool automates the order assignment process, which reduces manual work entries and leads to faster response times.”

The tool is currently being beta-tested with a group of colleagues, and in another week, all technicians and sales agents in Grand Bahama will be using the workforce management tool, and in New Providence shortly thereafter. The WFM tool also generated reports and analytics
on order processing times, technician efficiency, and helping to identify areas for improvement.

BTC continues its fiber to the home installation process, with the ambition of connecting all residents to our network and to each other.

Source: BTC/Indera Collie