Call For Change On Repeat Sexual Offenders


The Member of Parliament for St. Anne’s, the Hon. Adrian White called for a change in legislation to resemble the three strike program in the United States in the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

White said, “you’ve seen instance in the US when you have three strikes and you’re out, that was a law that was changed. I think it eventually was changed again so it was no longer the mandatory maximum life sentence had you committed three felonies. But if you have an individual that commits three felonies or three serious types of offences and I think assaulting a woman fits that category. If you have three serious offences we can debate whether that individual should remain in custody for the rest of their lifetime, three strikes and you’re out, you’re freedom to be back in society is done or we can debate it along the lines of three strikes and when you’re out the public knows that you’re out. The public is on notice, they’re aware, they can take precautions.”

White’s comments comes after it was reported that an elderly women was allegedly sexually assaulted in her home.