Census 2022


The Bahamas National Statistical Institute is pleased to announce that the Census will take place starting April 5th, 2022 and, the Census will be completely digital.

The digital format will not only transform how data is managed and analyzed, but it is also changing the way data is collected. There will be three ways for individuals to complete the Census questionnaire: Online, Via Telephone and In Person.

  • For the online Census, there will be a questionnaire that individuals can complete from the comfort of their homes, anytime of the day, and at their leisure. This applies only to households wherein contact information was provided during the 2021 listing exercise.
  • Via telephone, Census enumerators will administer the census questionnaire over the phone.
  • Finally, traditional in-person interviews will also be conducted.

Virtual Training for Census Area Managers and Supervisors are currently being conducted while training for enumerators will commenced February 28th to March15th 2022. Census workers will obtain all data collection using digital devices, which means all census data, no matter which collection method is used, will be directly uploaded, validated and processed in real-time by a robust software solution that was pioneered and co-financed by the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

The information provided for the Census is used for important planning and policy decisions in government and in the private sector. Census data helps to determine school zones, the location of housing developments, and helps the government to make decisions about the allocation of public resources.