The Church Of God recently recognized high achieving students from among its parishioners.

Senior Pastor of New Dimension Ministries Bishop Victor Johnson said, “when this church itself started twenty four years ago we partnered with Doris Johnson and when they had boys that were a little unruly and all that sort of thing, I would let them bring four or five of them here to me and I would work with them with their mathematics and also on their discipline.”

Bishop Johnson went further stating, “when I looked at the BJC and the BGCSE results I was really startled when I saw so many young men doing so well, so they’re not all headed to prison. And they’re our boys and we must take a special role, after fifty years of independence, our special job is the ensure not that we just have good looking churches, not that we just have people dressed up every Sunday morning but that we try to dress up the lives and the future of our young men.”

Those being honoured included twins Andrew and Andre Johnson and University of the Bahamas student Kerrine Simeon.