Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander answered questions from members of the media on the issue of domestic violence during a press conference held at Police Headquarters on Monday.

Fernander said, “we plea to, especially females out there, who are in abusive relationships to please reach out to somebody who you’re comfortable with, come to the police to avoid incidents like this. It will all start with just communication, verbal abuse, you have to pay attention to that. And when you see that verbal abuse, if you don’t pay attention it will eventually become physical and likely to death.”

The Commissioner also updated on the new domestic violence unit saying, “now with domestic violence unit, we’re about to open in another few weeks. We had a meeting just two weeks ago right in this same place which present in that meeting the first lady, Mrs. Davis and which is so this domestic violence is so close to her heart along with Ms. Butler, Loretta Butler-Turner, she was present along with a number of women’s group and we had an excellent discussion. We also visited the site where the unit will be housed, the office, in the western district that is presently under minor renovation and it should be completed in a few weeks.”