The Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe appeared at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday were he addressed the government’s response to the fight against crime.

Munroe told members of the media that he was once told by a young man that his gang liked him so much that they were going to pay for his funeral.

Munroe explained how young offenders turn to gangs in prison saying, “young man goes up with thoughts of I’m gonna be raped, prison condition are bad. So a drug lord, a gang leader, gets him and says I’m gonna make sure nobody fools with you. I’m gonna make sure you get water, gonna make sure you get money on your commissary, gonna make sure when I smuggle some dope into prison, cause that happens as you have seen, I’m gonna give you some. That young man is coming out in six months, nine months, twelve months, and when he comes out he wasn’t riding any gang when he went in.”

The Minister went further stating, “everyone is a good son when he is born. Everyone is a good daughter when she is born. Our experiences in this country shows us that somewhere from birth to about 14, 15, some of our young men particularly adopt the mindset that they are willing to drive around, walk around with high powered guns and handguns and have no compunction shooting someone in their hand two or three times, about the body multiple times.”

Munroe also spoke to the government’s efforts in this regard. He said, “we use the social workers in the schools to assess the children and we are partnering with groups to provide parenting classes, cause its pointless working on the children if you return them to dysfunctional circumstances. This must become collective because a child, as you heard the Minister of Education say, in all aspects villages raise children.”