President of the Festival Place Tenants Association, Yvette Prince says that vendors have been challenged despite large tourist numbers on Bay Street.

“The area has been empty a lot. So its been very challenging because if you don’t have any traffic, you don’t have any business. We’re having the numbers now we just need the traffic to pass through this area. I mean the number don’t mean anything to us if they’re not passing in this area. So we need the traffic, without the traffic we have no business.”

Global Relations Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, Sen. Hon. Randy Rolle visited the site and spoke to the vendors. He says that the concerns of the vendors has been noted and that stakeholders are in remediation mode.

Sen. Rolle said, “we’ve been working with Mike Maura and his team at the Cruise Port to make sure that we have a steady flow and to make sure that traffic flows from the cruise port into downtown and we’re able to accommodate all of the vendors that are right behind Rawson Square. Our thing is once we have the numbers we want to also make sure that we execute. We wanna make sure that everyone feels the impact.”