Financial and Accounting Officers Promotional Exercise Nearing Completion


78 of 93 Promotional Letters Have Been Sent Out The Ministry of Public Service would like to advise the public that the financial and accounting officers promotional exercise is nearing completion, as 84% of submitted promotion requests have been processed and completed. 78 official promotions letters have been sent out to the relevant Ministry.

In a statement released on 29 June, 2023, we advised financial and accounting officers that we expected the promotional exercise to be completed within three weeks. As of today, 17 July 2023, we have delivered on that promise for the vast majority of the 93 total officers who have been recommended for promotions.

Of the remaining 15 officers recommended for promotions, eight are currently being processed by the Ministry of Public Service, two are pending at the Public Service Commission, four have been officially deferred to a later date, and one has not been approved based on public service policy.

As stated in our two previous statements on this matter, the Ministry expedited this exercise to ensure that it was completed in a timely manner. Public Service officers worked after-hours and on weekends to see this process through to the end. Any concerns expressed by local union representatives have been addressed through our results, which we reassured the officers would be delivered as promised.

We have been able to deliver for the financial and accounting officers while simultaneously continuing to work on the multi-year, public service-wide promotions backlog that had grown for years and is finally being cleared thanks to the efforts of the Ministry’s teams. We would like to emphasise the considerable progress made by the Davis administration after less than two years in office.

Every government department and agnecy has seen movement on the promotions backlog and many cases have since been resolved. The government is committed to ensuring that public servants get what is due to them. The financial and accounting officers are the latest among hundreds of public servants who have seen progress thanks to our efforts.

We have received numerous expressions of relief and gratitude from the officers who have been sent their promotion letters, thanking us for prioritising their needs and working swiftly to complete this exercise. The hardworking teams at the Ministry of Public Service and the Public Service Commission will continue to work tirelessly to meet the needs of our valued public servants. For the remaining financial and accounting officers, as well as other public servants, who have not yet received their promotion letters, you can expect our teams to continue to operate at the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism as we finally deliver the progress that many public servants
have waited years to see.