Freeport Oil Company Ltd. (FOCOL) held a launch event for their new Smartpass app on Thursday at the University of The Bahamas.

Sun Oil Managing Director Clinton Rolle explained the app and how to use it. He said, “the FOCOL Smartpass App is a smart way to fuel up at our service stations. So you download the app from the Apple Play or the Google Store, you enroll, you need a credit card or debit card, its linked to a credit card or debit card. The app is secure its PCI certified so the same platform banks use is the same platform this app uses.”

Rolle says that app came into being because the company is all about convenience. He went furthers saying, “we think what can be more convenient for our customers than being able to pay without having to go inside the store. And so basically with the use of their smartphone they can scan a code on the pumps and authorize the pumps immediately. Its quick, its fast, its efficient and gets you on your way.”

Users of the app will receive incentives for purchasing which could include discounts on gasoline and vouchers.