Girl Con Relaunches Activities on Grand Bahama with Twelve-Month Mammogram Screening Initiative


Monday, November 14, 2022, the Girl Con Organization launched its mammogram screening initiative which will continue through October 2023 with the screening of 25 women monthly. We are extremely pleased to announce the title sponsor for our screening initiative, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and participating sponsor IL Cares Foundation.

“Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 on a personalized, patient-center approach to cancer care, dedicated to tailoring a combination of cancer treatments to the needs of each patient. The vision of CTCA is to be recognized and trusted by people living with cancer as the premier center for healing and hope.” We are extremely pleased to have received a $20,000 donation from CTCA for this initiative. We are looking forward to working on other projects with CTCA very soon.

Our participating sponsor IL Cares Foundation has been a strong supporter of the Girl Con Organization and our annual conference for high school senior girls in our community over the years. When we called, they answered the call. IL Cares Foundation has been supporting screening initiatives not only in Grand Bahama but in Nassau as well. The Foundation has been very committed to the work of our organization.

The mission of the Girl Con Organization is “To advocate for, inspire and empower girls to be more”. We have dubbed this initiative “Mammogram for Mummy.” Fundamental to this mission is education, exposure, access, and the creation of open forums for the exchange of information and knowledge.

Girls are informed by the thoughts and experiences of others – be it their teachers, mothers, grandmothers, or aunts. However, they are also a source of information and inspiration for the women in their lives. This project, “Mammogram for Mummy” seeks to push women and girls to have conversations surrounding heath, specifically, to encourage daughters, granddaughters, or nieces to share and promote the importance of mammography to their mothers, guardians, and other female friends and family.

For women who are 40 and over, have a family history, have never had a mammogram, and are unemployed with no medical insurance we would like to encourage them to participate. We have set up an email for persons to register their interest to participate in the testing which will resume in January 2023.

All we require is an email requesting participation which should include your full name, phone contact, date of birth, and personal email. Selection will be on a first come first serve basis. We will screen 25 women every month up to October 2023.