President of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, James Carey is voicing concerning after the announcement that negotiations have ended in the sale of the Grand Lucayan Hotel.

“We were anticipating that with the completion of that hotel, the completion of the sale of that hotel, other things would accrue to us, but that is not to be. There’s certain things that persons are waiting to get going with, certainly not the size of the Grand Lucayan, but you know, persons are waiting for the economic development so that they can complete their investments regardless of how small.”

Mr. Carey suggests that the authorities in Grand Bahama should meet with local businesses owners concerning the island’s rebound. “At this stage we’re sort of left our there in the doldrums about what is really planned for Grand Bahama.”

Earlier this month Lucayan Renewal Holdings Limited announced that end of negotiations with Electra American Hospitality Group [EAHL] for the sale of the Grand Lucayan Hotel which the Government purchased in 2018.