The government has launched a multimillion dollar project to ensure the availability of eggs in the country.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis attended the launch ceremony for the Golden Yolk Project where he delivered remarks. He told the gathering, “imagine going to the food store one morning to buy eggs, suddenly, you look around and all the cartons says laid in The Bahamas. What a day that will be for our archipelago. We may be a young nation, we may be a small nation but that does not mean we cannot make big strides toward a goal loftier than ourselves. We have mastered hospitality but we should not limit our excellence to tourism alone. We can and must do more, just as we are doing today, more to support our own and more to make ourselves self sufficient.”

Also on hand was the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs, the Hon. Clay Sweeting who spoke about the efforts of his ministry to promote farming in the country. He said, “to support this project and the growth of this sector we have invested in the purchase of a new feed mill that will increase the availability, consistency and quality to support the excellent program and the increase of not only poultry, live stock production throughout the country. The first investment in a feed mill for over forty years. Simultaneously and in conjunction with BAMSI, we are establishing greenhouse parks throughout the country to increase the production of leafy greens and vegetables. We have addressed a long standing issue of extension services to support our farmers by hiring qualified individuals who will specifically be trained to ensure that farmers are supported in their farms from land preparation to marketing of their produce.”