President of the Bahamas Society for Human Resource Management, Esaura Cumberbatch spoke with ZNS News on the importance of human resources and training.

She said, “as HR professionals, I always say that we are gatekeepers for our respective organizations and its very important for us to set that charge and to ensure that companies are not just meeting the business goal of the company.”

Ms. Cumberbatch also spoke to the importance of training. “You’d find in some organizations training is the firs thing that they want to cut. They say that oh we don’t have the money, we don’t have this, but yet on the other end you expect to have a star employee, but you’re not pouring into the employee then what do you expect to get at the end.”

Cumberbatch also emphasized the need for basic digital skills for persons seeking employment as the application process for some companies is now mostly online.