Political Activist and leader of the Coalition of Independents, Lincoln Bain along with a number of supporters went to the Office of the Prime Minister to deliver his ten point plan on immigration. They were denied entry by Police. Bain told reporters that the government has fourteen days to implement strategies in his plan or he will stage a protest in Parliament Square.

“After fourteen days we’re gonna make a clarion call to all of the Bahamian people to join us on Parliament Square. I didn’t say Rawson Square. I hope the Police listenin’, Parliament Square. We are going to apply from now to the Cabinet Office to occupy Parliament Square, our square, if they fail. And Bahamas, I’m calling on you to come out and be ready to refuse to go home until something is done.”

Bain also spoke to the issue of the proliferation of shanty towns and the living conditions of those who occupy them. He said, “this is an humanitarian situation because we have children that are being forced to live in shanty towns. No human being should be forced to live in those situations or allowed to live in those situations. Illegal immigrants seem to be coming here and intentionally having children and having them live in those situations with no light, no water, no plumbing, no facilities at all.”

Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell deemed the claims of lack of action by the government made by Lincoln Bain disingenuous. Bell also addressed Bain’s claims of there being a shanty town on Paradise Island. “I can say without fear of contradiction on Paradise Island, it is a complete lie. I think that when we as Bahamians, when we do not have hidden agendas, and I will reveal some more things in time to come which is really unfortunate, you will exactly what I’m speaking of. If it is that we’re saying that The Bahamas is for Bahamians and we want to keep it that way then let us all act with one voice and be sincere in our actions to ensure that persons who are here illegally that they are caught, they are prosecuted and they are deported.”