Activist and leader of the Coalition of Independents, Lincoln Bain led a protest at the House of Assembly on the issue of illegal immigration. While there, Bain spoke to reporters saying, “I do not hate Haitians. All we want is for the illegal proliferation to stop on all levels. The smuggling of people, guns and drugs. It has to stop. We are tired of our governments making excuses y’all.”

Bain also spoke about the change in government policy with regard to the issuing of work permits to Haitian nationals. The government announced that these would now be handled on a case by case basis. Bain said, “the leader of a Haitian gang can see this as an opportunity, a loophole and he can then jump on a rickety boat come to The Bahamas with his guns and his money and then go to our government and say ‘hey these other gang leaders they threatening me and they’re threatening my family.'”

Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell addressed the issue in the House of Assembly. He said, “we are always open to listen. Indeed, at a previous protest I received a proposal which was reviewed and considered. I would ask everyone to ensure that whilst we face these challenges, let sanity prevail. We are a country of laws, Madam Speaker, and the maintenance of law and order must remain a cornerstone of our country. Xenophobia has no place in The Bahamas nor does the arbitrary harassment of any person on the basis of any perception as to their nationality.”