After two years the International Food and Cultural Festival has made a come back at a new venue. The event was held on the grounds at Collins House on Shirley Street this past weekend.

Kendanique Campbell Moss, Public relations person for the Festival said, “as you look around you see that the vendors are happy. They’re in a closed in space but the closed in space that we’re utilizing makes it a free falling situation. Its a wonderful green space, they’re able to traverse around the property and they’re are many different stalls that they can go to whether it be food, whether it be product, anything that you need is under one umbrella.”

This year’s festival was cashless with digital currency being used for purchases at the event.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Fred Mitchell, also attended the festival. He told reporters, “small countries cannot survive, even though we’re an island nation, as islands you need help and support with skills and technology from outside the country. And this exposes the public to that and I think its good for us.”

The patron of the festival was Dame Janet Bostwick.