Marathon Kids Meet the PM

Prime Minister Philip E. Davis warmly greets youngsters from the Marathon constituency with their Member of Parliament Lisa T. Rahming.

Member of Parliament for Marathon Lisa Rahming wanted to do something special with a few of the youngsters who reside in her constituency – something that would leave a lasting impact on their lives. She decided to invite them to attend Junior Junkanoo with her, and she had a special surprise for them when they arrived.

Parents allowed her to serve as chaperone, and she personally escorted them to the Junior Junkanoo Parade on Saturday, February 11. There, they enjoyed watching the parade with her, having food and drinks, and sharing a few laughs. 

The youngsters also got the opportunity to meet some of her friends and colleagues – and two of these people made a lasting impression on them. First, they got to meet the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Philip E. Davis. He embraced them and gave them words of encouragement, and MP Rahming said the kids were all smiles. Then, they got to meet Minister of Education, Glenys Hanna Martin. Minister Martin took the time to have a conversation with the children, listening to them talk about their aspirations and their country. 

“This was a life changing experience for these kids,” MP Rahming said.

“They got a chance to be up close and personal with the Prime Minister, and they loved it. They got to see that he was down to earth, and that he is working every day with young people just like them in mind. Through this experience, they could see that it is possible for them to even become the Prime Minister one day. I totally enjoyed the opportunity to spend the evening with them, show them that they are important, and inspire them to be there best. I took them safely home and the whole way, they were all smiles and full of laughter. Most of all, they enjoyed the Junior Junkanoo Parade.”