Marshall Road Homicide


The body of a man, unofficially identified as Gareth Pyform, was found unresponsive on Marshall Road on Monday July 3rd at the same location where two off duty police officers were shot the previous night while attending a pool party.

Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson was on the scene and briefed members of the media. “A resident of this area was about to leave for work and he noticed what appeared to be a male lying in the grass just feet away from his home. The police were contacted and on examination of the body there was injuries that was consistent with gunshots. We believe that he did attend this function last night. And so were appealing to persons in this area who may have seen what occurred to please contact us,” Johnson said.

The Chief Superintendent also said police will seek to get a clearer understanding of the incident from the off duty officers who were shot at the same location. As to why Pyfrom’s body was not discovered earlier Johnson said the event where the incident occurred was crowded with some 200-300 people and no lighting was in the area.