Men Rallying To Make A Difference Locally


Hundreds of men marched the streets of New Providence in hopes of making a difference in the country. The event was a vibrant display of love and defiance against lawlessness.

Member of Parliament for St. Barnabas, the Hon. Shanendon Cartwright was at the event and told ZNS news, “I believe that some of the greatest progress we can make in our country is when we come together. And particularly when we talk about the young men in our country, I spoke with a lot of them today, they are our future leaders just as the young women.”

The march and rally was organized by Uplifting Men’s Ministry which is headed by David Williams. Williams said, “we also wanted men to march and say that hey, enough is enough against the crime, against the violence, against our men, our women, our boys, our girls. We just wanted to highlight today some of the positive things that men are doing.”

Among the groups represented at the march were the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Bahamas Department of Corrections and Rotary. Much needed supplies such as food and clothing were distributed at the end of the march to those in need.