Milo Butler Restructures, Temporarily Closes Retail Grocery Store On Baillou Hill Rd

Milo Butler Mart on Baillou Hill Road will temporarily close its doors on Friday October 28 until further notice. The company’s wholesale outlet Milo Butler Distributors and liquor brand, Flying Dutchman will remain in operation.

Milo B. Butler & Sons Ltd., parent company of Milo Butler Distributors, Milo Butler Mart and Flying Dutchman Liquor Stores, today announced the temporary closure of Milo Butler Mart effective Friday October 28th, 2022. The move to close the Baillou Hill Road grocery outlet for renovations and upgrades is part of an overall strategy to restructure business operations. Milo Butler Distributors, the company’s wholesale division located on Peach Street and its three Flying Dutchman Liquor stores will remain in operation.  

Allan Butler, Chairman of Milo Butler Corporation and interim CEO of Milo Butler & Son’s Ltd. said the decision comes as the company seeks to reposition and prepare for future growth.  

“We are in the middle of a comprehensive reorganization plan that takes into consideration our overall business viability across the retail grocery, wholesale distribution, liquor business and other investments. Some thought is being given to how the grocery brand could be repositioned in the future.”  

He continued: “Throughout these challenging times, the company has done its best to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our operations and on our staff, in particular.  As we move forward, our primary focus is on making the transition as smooth as possible for our team and ensuring the proper winding up of all aspects of business related to Milo Butler Mart. We want to thank our staff, customers, vendors and service providers for their support over the years and we look forward to future opportunities at that location.”  

Since the onset of the pandemic, Milo Butler’s directors, officers and shareholders have made tough decisions in order to remain viable amidst raising operational costs and global supply chain issues. In early 2021, the company reduced its team by one-third and currently has a staff complement of 50 across all brands.  

Milo B Butler & Sons Ltd was established in 1963 by Sir Milo and Lady Caroline Butler and their children. The family business spans four generations and grew to include Butler’s Bargain Mart (now Milo Butler Mart), the Flying Dutchman Liquor Store brand and Milo Butler Wholesale Cash & Carry (now Milo Butler Distributors).  In an effort to diversify earnings, the business later expanded into real estate development and the management of a portfolio of investment securities.     

Effective October 31st, 2022 Allan Butler will manage the day-to-day operations at Milo B. Butler & Sons Ltd. He replaces Damian Butler, who will transition to a role on the company’s Board of Directors.