Min. of Education Receives Computers from High Schools in Virginia

Scenes from the handover of computers by Virginia based high schools to the Ministry of Education (BIS photos/Kristaan Ingraham)

Five Virginia based high schools (Chesterfield Academy, Clarke County, Deep Run, Forest Park and Northumberland) have donated 119 Dell touchscreen notebook computers along with power supplies to the Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE received the computers along with power supplies, valued at approximately $30,000, during a handover ceremony at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Thursday, April 22. Ministry of officials including the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education; Lorraine Armbrister, Permanent Secretary and Dr. Marcellus Taylor, Director were on hand to receive the donation. Usha Pitts, Charge d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy was also in attendance.

Min. Lloyd said the gift is an outpouring of benevolence that demonstrates evidence of a vast level of social responsibility. “These students in Virginia, whose handprints are upon these computers, have demonstrated a clear and excellent example of a high level of social responsibility. This is the character trait that we would like to see reflected throughout all our young people,” he said.

“These computers have all been earmarked to assist our students at the A.F. Adderley Junior High School here in New Providence. While they will certainly be used for instructional delivery to assist our students in the remote learning process, the donation meets another critical need.

“It reminds us that there is an opportunity for the future generation to build linkages and engage in mutually beneficial endeavours that can create a heightened level of comradery, and subsequently result in fostering a more exposed and positive outlook.

“This impactful altruism is even more significant when we consider that there is a need to nurture a greater level of tolerance among people, who often present from different socio, ethnic or financial backgrounds. This donation today provides an opportunity for our young people to positively connect.”

Minister Lloyd expressed appreciation to the individuals and agencies who helped to make the effort a reality. They include: His Excellency Sidney Collie, Ambassador to the U.S. and Permanent Representative to the OAS and his team; Geannine Moss, Comptroller of Customs and her officers; Sharon Brennon Haylock, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her officers; the Rotary Club of Greenbelt Maryland; Jay Lightfoot, The Virginia Star Coordinator, Northumberland High School and The U.S. Department of Defense.

The donation was a part of the Virginia Student Training and Refurbishment Program, a state-wide initiative which teaches students to recondition surplus computers. The computers are subsequently donated to families, organizations and school districts. The Rotary Club of Greenbelt Maryland assisted in the preparation and packaging of the laptops for shipment. The United States Department of Defense was responsible for transportation of the items.

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