Ministry of Works embarks on project to improve Downtown Building

BIS Photo/Ulric Woodside.

In recognition of the country’s 50 th anniversary of independence and as a part of the transformation of downtown, three major buildings will be enhanced to reflect their significance.

The Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities, made the announcement June 8 in his contribution to the debate in Parliament on the draft estimates of revenue and expenditure 2022/2023.

“These three significant projects will contribute to the revitalization of the down-town area of our capital city and on a functional basis, will enhance efficiency and provide better working accommodations for the officials and staff of these vital national institutions. We are about to obtain detailed briefings from the relevant agencies and these briefings will inform the design features of these facilities,” said Minister Sears.

The project will include:

  1. The design of a new building to house the Cabinet Office.
  2. The design and construction of a new Parliamentary Complex to be located
    in the heart of the down-town area.
  3. The design and construction of a new Judiciary Complex to bring together
    the various courts, in particular, the Supreme Courts.