There have been two reports of attempted abduction of minors in recent weeks that have turned out to be false after police investigations. The first involved a 12 year old girl walking on Fourth Street in Coconut Grove and the second involved a 2 year old toddler a a grocery store.

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe was asked for comment on the issue on the sidelines of the Grow Your Child launch ceremony on Thursday.  He told reporters, “there’s quite enough going on without adding to it.  The motive of people doing that would be good to know but there’s quite enough actual crimes happening that there’s no need to make up crime if your desire is to make it seem like we have crime in this country, we do, there’s no need to make up any stories on it.”

The Minister also spoke to the consequences of false reporting.  “The first issue would be if its a deliberate false report as opposed to a misunderstanding.  But a deliberate false report is the offence of deceit of a public officer which is committed anytime anyone gives an account to a public officer, which a police officer is, knowing that it is false,” he said.