New Facial Biometric Technology Will Make CBP Pre-clearance at LPIA more Efficient and Secure


Starting on December 9, 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Preclearance operations at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau will introduce Simplified Arrival.

Simplified Arrival uses facial comparison technology to make inspection easier and faster for travelers, and more secure and efficient for CBP officers and everyone involved in the process. Simplified Arrival also has public health benefits; by reducing the need to capture fingerprints or handle documents, the new technology helps limit the spread of disease and infection:

  • When arriving at or departing from LPIA in Nassau, as well as other select airports during international travel, passengers will pause for a photo at the CBP primary inspection area or their departure gate.
  • In a matter of seconds, CBP’s biometric facial comparison service will automatically compare the new photo of the traveler to images that the traveler has already provided to the government, such as passport and visa photos. 
  • A CBP officer then interviews the traveler to validate results, establish the purpose and intent of travel, and determine admissibility to the United States.
  • Eligible travelers who wish to opt out of the process may notify a CBP officers as they approach the primary inspection point. These travelers will present their valid travel documents for manual identity verification by a CBP officer in accordance with existing requirements for entry into the United States.
  • More details on the equipment are available at