The Minister of National Security gave an update on the construction of the proposed new prison on Tuesday outside of Cabinet.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe told reporters, “we’re due to have a presentation on that. Whether that relates to the scope for instance asking for VAT or customs duties exemption that will be matters that will be addressed.  But at the end of any procurement the Ministry of Finance has to be satisfied before it will provide funds.  As so that is my understanding of what has happened, it is not unusual.  The facility is supposed to have photovoltaic cells, solar panels, and there would be a price, you can say if you want solar panels this will cost a million dollars, seven hundred and fifty thousand and then Finance will then make a policy decision that is makes sense to get it because it saves on electricity.”

In September of last year, Acting Commissioner of the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services Doan Cleare stated that the prison would be complete in 17 months.  Earlier this month Cleare told reporters of a review being conducted of plans for the new prison.  He said, “the government is of the view that the current facility, as we speak, it is costly, which amounts to about $93 million.  And what they’re asking us now if we can pretty much not scale down the size but at least remove some of the things that may not be totally necessary for a facility.”