Official Response to Allegations of a Theft Ring at BTVI


An investigation was recently launched into allegations of a theft ring at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute. While two employees were terminated for theft, no evidence of a theft ring was found. As a result of the independent investigations, the board has also confirmed that the allegations of a theft ring and impropriety involving a senior executive, are totally without merit. In particular, the senior executive was fully exonerated.

One of BTVI’s core values is ‘Honesty and integrity in all activities’; hence, upon being made aware of the allegations, the board moved swiftly to have independent investigations carried out. The probe was authorized at the board level and the board took carriage of the matter.

The board is satisfied that the investigation was thorough and conducted without bias. We are therefore pleased to bring this matter to a close as we continue to focus on our mission, which is, “To provide learning opportunities that enable individuals to be globally competitive and economically independent.”