The owner of the wild pigs found roaming the streets in Pelican Point is speaking out about the issues plaguing his farm business.

According to Harold Adderley owner of Big H Farm and Livestock his farm and animals were adversely affected by oil which spilled from tanks on the Equinor property during Hurricane Dorian in 2019. He explained, “Equinor who made the biggest mistake of not securing those oil tanks and got paid off well.”

Equinor and the Department of Agriculture assisted Mr. Adderley for a time but that assistance has ended. “They did an assessment and they said that oil was still lingering round, the pigs dem was contaminated with oil. Say they want to first advise me that I cannot sell, kill, eat, if the pigs dem die I cannot even bury the pigs dem. So I said, okay no problem, what must I do. They said that on me,” Adderley said.

He went further saying, “broke man can’t take care animals if he can’t take care of himself.”

Adderley believes the Department of Agriculture should step in. When contacted the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resouces and Family Island Affairs, the Hon. Clay Sweeting said that he was not aware of the situation but that his ministry will look into it.