Passport offices to open in family islands

Min. of Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Darren Henfield

The government moving closer to opening passport offices in the family islands, paving the way for residents on those islands to have access to this vital service.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Darren Henfield says the island of Exuma is first on the list.

“Next week Friday, it is anticipated that the Prime Minister and I in furtherance of our policy to establish passport offices and make it more accessible for Bahamians all across the country, to be able to access and get their passports.

“We’re going to open offices in Georgetown, Exuma – which will allow Bahamians or people in Exuma the same amenities here in New Providence, or as we have in Abaco.

“It is also envisioned that in the very near future we are going to  do same thing in Matthew Town, in Inagua; in Burnt Ground, somewhere in Long Island; we’re also going to do the same thing in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera.

The Foreign Affairs Minister says the move is necessary, particularly to ensure that family islanders have equitable access to government services.