September 16th marked the first anniversary since the Davis administration took office following their win in the general elections. Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Alfred Sears spoke to ZNS about the ongoing works and projects in this first year. He said, “we have been moving very aggressively to build the public infrastructure in Eight Mile Rock. This year we will complete the new high school in Eight Mile Rock. We also will complete the administrator building in Eight Mile Rock as well as the magistrate court complex in Grand Bahama. In Exuma, we have paved major portions of the roads in Exuma. We’ve repaired the L.N. Coakley High School. In some of the cays, in fact we have just completed the Primary School in Staniel Cay.”

Mr. Sears also spoke about works ongoing in the capital such as the roadworks on Village and Boyd Roads. He said, “as we move, we’re moving to build more resilience and sustainability. So that we can be better prepared, in terms of hurricanes. And we’re working with international partners, bilateral countries so that we can move our projects aggressively.”