PM Davis Tours Goldwyn Project


Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis toured the Goldwyn Project on West Bay Street today. The resort is set to open its doors early next year. The property is comprised of 81 residential suites, 79 residential suites will serve as full time residences.

Chief Executive Officer of Goldwyn Resorts and Residences, Don Adams said, “on the residential side we’re pretty much sold out, we got a few units left. Yeah we’ve got a few units left but not many they’re definitely a target for investors for sure. We see that about 78% of our market will come for the eastern seaboard of the US about another 15% from Canada. So those will be our two major markets that we’ll focus on.”

Prime Minister Davis was in awe of the facility’s luxurious amenities. “The workmanship is impeccable, exquisite and I am sure that the residents here, visitors here will have an exquisite experience.

The first guests will receive their keys on February 1st, 2023.