Police investigates Fifth Street murder


Active investigations underway into an altercation which turned deadly overnight, following a car accident at the junction of Fifth Street and Palm Tree Avenue.

Police Press Liaison Officer, ASP Audley Peters says when police arrived on the scene, they met a male lying on the ground unresponsive.

“Teams were summoned and after examination of body pronounced it lifeless.

“Investigations is that the accident occurred at the intersection involving two vehicles.

“The occupants got into an altercation, one of the males got stabbed, died on the scene. The coroner was apprised of the facts” Peters said.

The senior police officer says they are following promising leads in this matter; however, police still need your help in bringing this matter to a close. He also made this appeal.

“Exercise courtesy and follow the protocols you learnt in driving school.

“An accident is simply an accident, there is no need to engage in physical altercation with anyone.

“Things can be replaced but not lives, and your freedom can be taken from you for decisions that are made without rationale” he said.